Deliver outcome-based solutions

Traditionally a tech ‘specs’ vendor, we are now strengthening our capabilities and organization to combine hardware with software and services. Doing so is a multi-year journey, but as our technology is mission critical, the potential is huge. More than constantly improving customer services, delivering outcome-based solutions will also help us achieve predictable, recurring revenues. Step by step, we are making progress in this field.

Strengthening capabilities and organization

Orange 2x
  • New initiatives and actions, incl. Standards@Work training, taken to further boost security awareness throughout the organization.
  • Continued build-out of software and digital business capabilities.
  • Appointment of Marc Spenlé as the new Chief Digital & Information Officer.
  • Barco’s software organization was further strengthened.
  • Progress on subscription-based services (SaaS, incl. subscription, registration and license management), such as weConnect, Demetra and Synergi.
  • XMS Cloud Management Platform for remote control of the ClickShare and wePresent devices includes analytics to drive the digital workplace.

Exploring and launching outcome-based solutions, in new business models

Orange 2x
  • NexxisCare helps hospitals manage ORs in multiple facilities remotely – to anticipate on issues and improve efficiency in surgical environments.
  • Cinionic introduces ‘Cinema as a Service’ and ‘Platform as a Service’ and launches new, flexible payment models.
  • The cloud-based Barco Insights IoT solution for projector management simplifies and facilitates remote monitoring and serviceability.