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We connect healthcare professionals at almost every patient touch point, from the imaging room, to radiology, during specialist consultations and in the surgical suite. By providing medical staff with the complete and most accurate picture, we enable more informed decisions, when and where it matters most.

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Diagnostic imaging
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“Barco has the right solutions and services to increase flexibility and productivity, enabling hospitals to respond to the shortage of healthcare workers.”
Filip Pintelon
General Manager Healthcare

Healthcare: our strategy and future outlook

Much more than being a display manufacturer, our Healthcare division is committed to helping solve healthcare issues. Never before has this mission sounded more relevant than it was in 2020. When the covid-19 crisis hit, part of the business increased sharply, yet another part suffered. The division is confident about the future, though: “This crisis created many new opportunities.”

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Trends in radiology

With the number of radiology cases growing exponentially, radiologists are under high pressure to work productively, while delivering the best possible treatment. That’s nothing new. Over the past few years, however, new expectations have cropped up – and the covid-19 pandemic may have even accelerated the trends.

Trend Surgical

How to future-proof your operating room

Operating room technology is changing at a rapid pace. For many hospitals, keeping up with this change is hard. Though it needn’t be. By adopting an OR-over-IP approach, they will be able to implement many of the upcoming technologies that will shape the complex OR environment of the future more easily.

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