Our company ethics

Barco culture and ethics

Every organization has a culture; implicit or explicit. It is its personality – a set of unwritten rules on how an organization behaves. And it reveals itself in many different forms. In 2019, Barco rejuvenated its corporate culture, defining the cultural traits that Barco must embrace to continue leading in its dynamic markets. For years, ethical behavior has been deeply embedded in the Barco culture.

Barco culture: how we live our DNA

Corporate culture is everywhere. It comes alive in how we act towards our customers and how we talk and listen to them. It becomes visible in the way we design our processes: have we designed them from our perspective or from the perspectives of those who are affected by them? It guides us in creating teams, but also in how we treat each other as team members. Culture even comes alive in our decision of how to greet each other in the morning. And above all, it defines how we execute our strategy. Culture is how we live our DNA.

To come to a common understanding of the culture we envision, we have looked inside the company and reverse engineered the Barco culture. This 'meeting of minds' has crystallized into how we can live our DNA with five building blocks as the key elements of our Barco culture.


The importance of ethics and compliance

Barco’s reputation and continued success depend on the conduct of its employees as well as its business partners. That’s why we put great emphasis on ethics and compliance: we continuously invest in building a company culture in which ethical conduct and compliance with Barco’s policies and the applicable regulations are at the core of how we do business.