Our company leadership

Our leadership team and Board of Directors

Barco believes that the role of its leadership team and its Board of Directors is not only to protect the corporation but also to ensure that Barco is able to create value for society at large.

While Barco’s Board of Directors sets, steers and monitors our strategic direction, our Core Leadership Team (‘CLT’) is responsible for implementing our group strategy and policies and achieving our objectives and results. In this way, all governance bodies contribute to value creation at Barco.

Board of Directors (BOD)

The composition of the Board of Directors meets the gender diversity requirements. All directors hold or have held senior positions in leading international companies or organizations.

In 2020, Mr Luc Missorten resigned from the Board of Directors, reducing the number of Board members from 7 to 6.

Directors with 5 years of Barco seniority
Female members of the Board
Independent directors

Our Core Leadership Team (‘CLT’)

The CLT, which operates under the chairmanship of the Chief Executive Officer, comprises key officers from functions, businesses and regions.

Anthony Huyghebaert, Marc Spenlé and Kenneth Wang are the new faces in Barco's CLT in 2021.

CLT members with 5 years of Barco seniority
Female CLT member
Non-Belgian CLT members