Four strategic levers that form the Barco DNA

To cater to the rapid changes in today’s markets, Barco is evolving from being a tech ‘specs’ vendor into a partner that enables bright outcomes. The commitment to outcomes is one of the four levers of the Barco strategy. It is intertwined with a zeal for innovation, a characteristic that has been shaping Barco since its earliest days, a permanent focus on performance and the resolute choice to go for sustainable impact.

  • Innovate for impact

    More than launching innovative products, innovation at Barco aims to deliver impact, i.e. added value for our customers, often in mission-critical areas. By analyzing our innovation plans, discussing them with customers and de-risking them, we want to ensure solid returns on our innovation investments.

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  • Focus on performance

    To lead the way in changing times, we unceasingly focus on performance: we work hard to drive efficiency and agility, leveraging the Barco scale, strengthen our commercial capabilities while building ICFC (In Country For Country) capabilities, and we apply ‘value-focused thinking’ in everything we do.

    Check our action points and progress in 2020

  • Offer outcome-based solutions

    We want to be a reliable partner that provides its customers with outcome-based solutions instead of just products. That implies a step-change in the way we work: we have to evolve from a tech ‘specs’ vendor into a partner that delivers outcomes through hardware, software and services.

    Check our action points and progress in 2020

  • Go for sustainable impact

    When executing our strategy, we design and act towards sustainable outcomes for our planet, the communities we operate in and our colleagues. Year after year, we accelerate our sustainability efforts in these three domains: planet, people and communities.

    Check our action points and progress in 2020

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