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Whether in cinemas, sports arenas or concert halls; in museums or theme parks; at corporate events or festivals: Barco’s end-to-end entertainment solutions create compelling moments. More than that, you’ll also find us in simulation and training environments where we help pilots, Formula 1 drivers or seafarers to practice their skills, and in virtual 3D environments, like in the automotive industry. By offering the most advanced and reliable products and outstanding services, we help them enable bright outcomes.

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Immersive Experience
Immersive Experience

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Cinema offers the industry’s most complete range of smart laser projectors and media servers. Barco’s cinema solutions are brought to market and supported by CFG-BARCO (for China) and by Cinionic (for the rest of the world).


Immersive experiences

Our Immersive Experience business unit offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of large venues, live events, projection mapping, themed entertainment (such as museums and theme parks) and simulation applications: projection, image processing and a modular support service solution.


Explore how our Entertainment division builds high-quality,sustainable solutions and services that professionals can rely on, in close cooperation with customers, partners, suppliers and the academic world.

I have been working in the industry for more than 25 years now and I have come to know Barco projection technology very well. With Barco, I’m confident that we are safe for many years to come, without needing a dedicated support person on site 24/7.
Tor Ditlevsen
lighting designer at Superlys, who set up the installation at the Artic University Museum in Tromsø
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Solutions and services that entertainment professionals can rely on

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