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Planet, People and Communities

At Barco, we firmly believe that sustainable business is good business – and vice-versa. To that end, we are committed to taking ownership of a sustainable future. Our sustainability strategy (‘Go for Sustainable Impact’) has been an integral part of our corporate strategy for quite some years now and we are constantly accelerating our efforts.

More than safeguarding the future of our planet, sustainability at Barco also incorporates responsibility to our employees and to the communities in which we operate. For each of our three sustainability pillars – Planet, People, and Communities – we defined an overall ambition statement as well as medium- and short-term targets that guide and motivate us to infuse sustainability across the organization.

Our ambitions and targets are linked to the sustainability areas that matter most to our stakeholders and where we can achieve the greatest impact: our material topics.

Barco has been working hard in the field of sustainability in the past few years and I’m impressed with the progress. Now it’s time to strengthen the impact of the program, fostering engagement and ensuring it gets embedded into everything we do – in every division, every business unit, every department and every region.
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We will lower our environmental footprint and those of our customers. The targets we have set are very ambitious: by 2023, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our own operations by 35% (vs. 2015), cut the energy footprint of our products by 25% (vs 2015) and ensure that at least 70% of our hardware revenues come from products with the Barco ECO label.

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We invest in sustainable employability by creating the right conditions for our employees to have an engaging, enriching and healthy career at Barco. We do this by encouraging our people to learn and develop themselves and by ensuring a healthy working environment – both physically and mentally. We engage in building an inclusive workplace that embraces the diversity of our people.

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We will play an active role in the communities we operate in by upholding the highest ethical and quality standards and expecting the same from our business partners. We always aim to deliver added value to our customers through our solutions, services and capabilities. In addition, we help ensure more people can participate in and benefit from the innovation society