On a mission to enable bright outcomes

Barco is on a mission to enable bright outcomes by transforming content into insight and emotion.

At Barco, we are on a mission to help our customers enable bright outcomes by transforming content into insight and emotion. In spite of the accelerated disruption in the world today, our ‘enabling outcomes’ strategy remains our guiding light. To remain competitive in today’s digitally accelerating world, though, we continually refine our approach and priorities to keep these in line with the changing dynamics, including relevant market trends, material topics and risks.

Four strategic levers

Barco’s corporate strategy is built around four strategic levers – four priorities that form the Barco DNA.

  1. Innovate for impact
  2. Focus to perform
  3. Offer outcome-based solutions
  4. Go for sustainable impact
DNA verloop
DNA innovation
DNA performance
DNA outcome based
DNA sustainable

The dynamics that shape our strategy


7 relevant market trends

Our customers, our markets and even our world are changing faster than ever. As these changes largely impact our business, we keep a close eye on trends and act upon them when going forward. The following market trends are really relevant for the businesses that we’re active in. They are shaping our solution portfolios and strategy.



Continuous monitoring of material issues is critical to staying on top of emerging risks and opportunities. A materiality assessment helps organizations understand what topics matter most to their businesses and stakeholders and where to focus the attention. We regularly update our materiality assessment to make sure it reflects changes in our business and the external environment.



Within the context of its business operations, Barco is exposed to a wide variety of risks that can affect its ability to achieve its objectives and to execute its strategy successfully. Every year, we perform a company-wide risk assessment and compliance gap analysis to identify, prioritize, manage and monitor the risks that impact our organization.