Four strategic levers that form the Barco DNA

The commitment to outcomes is one of the four levers of the Barco strategy. It is intertwined with a zeal for innovation, a characteristic that has been shaping our company since its earliest days, a permanent focus on performance and the resolute choice to go for sustainable impact.

When making strategic decisions, we increasingly take into account the material topics that create the most value for Barco and its stakeholders.

  • Innovate for impact

    In the next few years, Barco is determined to double down on innovation and technology. To retain our position as a technology leader, we are strengthening our focus on our R&D investments, bringing in expertise in disruptive new technologies to complement our own know-how, reorganizing our innovation approach of innovation and introducing lean, agile innovation practices.

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  • Focus to perform

    Improving our performance and shaping our organization has been a priority for Barco over the past few years. Step by step, we became a leaner and more resilient company. But just as we began to feel that we were in the pole position for growth in early 2020, the covid-19 crisis hit. It urged us to sharpen our focus on performance again, in 2020 and 2021.

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  • Offer outcome-based solutions

    We want to be a reliable partner that provides its customers with outcome-based solutions instead of just products. That implies a step-change in the way we work: we have to evolve from a tech ‘specs’ vendor into a partner that delivers outcomes through hardware, software and services.

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  • Go for sustainable impact

    When deciding how to execute our strategy, we decided to work with respect for the planet, our people and the communities we operate in. Year after year, our commitment to ‘go for sustainable impact’ becomes more deeply embedded in our corporate DNA.

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