Capture profitable and efficient growth

Barco has been a global technology leader for decades. Just look at our massive expertise and experience, and smart, committed teams. We are active in markets with solid foundations, where we offer mission-critical solutions. In order to optimally seize all the market opportunities ahead and further strengthen our leading role in our markets, we are determined to exploit our strengths to the fullest, and even more than we’ve done in the past.

To achieve that aim, we set a number of short- and mid-term strategic objectives:

  • reshuffle our organization into 6 business units (BUs) in order to step up accountability, entrepreneurship, and customer intimacy;

  • increase operational effectiveness through digital transformation and standardization;

  • grasp our market potential by broadening our geographic coverage with a focus on China and by developing adjacent markets.


Overall, we score between 2 and 3 out of 4 on the ‘Capture profitable and efficient growth’ focus areas. The reorganization positively impacted accountability, customer intimacy and entrepreneurship in 2022 and we continued investing in our business in China, despite the covid hurdles. In the field of ‘developing new market segments’, several initiatives have been taken, but with plenty of potential remaining.

Organizational redesign to enhance customer intimacy, end-to-end accountability and entrepreneurship

Strategy meter 3 4
  • Roll-out of simplified organization with 6 BUs and global support services
  • Integrated BU teams with sales, product development and R&D all in close contact with the customer

Commercial and operational effectiveness through digital transformation

Strategy meter 2 4
  • Global roll-out of Salesforce CRM for sales and customer service
  • Launch of new services e-portal for customer service
  • Strengthening platform strategy for major IT applications
  • Finance functions and processes are certified future-proof

Seizing the China opportunity with stronger local presence

Strategy meter 2 4
  • New Healthcare plant in Suzhou operational since December 2021 and ramping up throughout 2022.
  • Start of construction Wuxi plant, focused on the projection technology market.
  • STEPtalent development program for Chinese healthcare team, embedding strong local presence for product development and sales

Develop new market segments and expand in healthcare, control rooms and immersive entertainment

Strategy meter 2 4
  • Strengthening our business in the digital pathology segment (Healthcare) with the world’s first FDA approved pathology monitor
  • Broadening the Immersive Experience portfolio with mid-market products
  • Expanding expertise in digital immersive art experiences into Asia
  • Launch of TruePix, a gamechanger in LED video walls, offering a premium visualization experience
  • LTEN Excellence award for Barco and partner Nipro as provider of highest-standard virtual and hybrid training in life sciences sector
  • New Dermicus digital health skin solutions company combines the strengths of Barco Demetra and Gnosco Dermicus
  • New collaboration with Strategic Radiology, an association of 1,500+ private radiology practices in the USA