Continuous monitoring of material issues is critical to staying on top of emerging risks and opportunities. A materiality assessment helps organizations understand what topics matter most to their businesses and stakeholders and where to focus the attention. We regularly update our materiality assessment to make sure it reflects changes in our business and the external environment.

Linking our materiality matrix to the UN SDGs

Our last extensive materiality assessment was done in 2020, in close cooperation with a broad group of stakeholders. and remains relevant, as stakeholder interactions in 2022 did not reveal major changes. Our Board of Directors did decide to raise the topic ‘Diversity and inclusion’ from medium to highly material in 2021. In 2022, we started accelerating our efforts to create a more inclusive workplace that embraces the diversity of our people.

In the table below, we link the highly material topics to the six UN SDGs that best fit our materiality matrix and our own corporate strategy.

01 UN SDGS strategy