Introducing three strategic levers

To accelerate progress towards our vision, we redefined our strategic levers in 2022. Our renewed strategy now comprises three levers: capture profitable and efficient growth, innovate for impact and go for sustainable impact. These are the priorities we want to focus on to remain relevant and flourish in the short-, mid- and long-terms and that help us prioritize our business activities.

When making strategic decisions, we increasingly take into account the material topics that create the most value for Barco and its stakeholders.

  • Capture profitable and efficient growth

    Barco has been a global technology leader for decades. Just look at our massive expertise and experience, and smart, committed teams! We’re active in markets with solid foundations, where we offer mission-critical solutions. In order to optimally seize all the market opportunities ahead and further strengthen our leading role in our markets, we are determined to exploit our strengths to the full, and even more than we’ve done in the past.

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  • Innovate for impact

    We are determined to retain our position as a technology leader and further differentiate ourselves from our competitors. To achieve that aim, we will continue to accelerate our innovation and technology capabilities. While innovating, we always keep in mind that innovation at Barco should deliver impact, i.e. add value for all our stakeholders, including the broader communities in which we operate.

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  • Go for sustainable impact

    Sustainable business is good business. Barco has been convinced of that for many years. When first deciding how to execute our strategy, we chose to operate with respect for the planet, our people and the local communities. Year after year, that commitment has become more deeply embedded in our corporate DNA. That’s why, ‘go for sustainable impact’ remains a key lever for our long-term success.

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