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Every Barco Enterprise solution is designed to help people collaborate better by ensuring engaging experiences. From boardrooms and workplaces to control rooms: all our solutions help people unleash the power of knowledge, insights and emotions – for brighter ideas, stronger collaboration, and, ultimately, better results.

Barco Enterprise: quick facts

  • Market and technology leader in wireless presentation and conferencing
  • Long-standing reputation in control rooms, with increased focus on software and workflow solutions
  • Wide portfolio, for every meeting and control room
  • Large installed base: 1.2 mio+ ClickShare meeting room installations, 15k+ control rooms

Our 2023 results

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ENTP clickshare

Meeting Experience

The Meeting Experience business unit has been playing a game-changing role in the development of today’s connected office and meeting room environment. The ClickShare wireless presentation and conferencing tool contributes to meeting equity among all participants of hybrid meetings – and the team is committed to keep developing innovative solutions to connect people and technology.

"We keep updating our ClickShare solutions, but we also look beyond wireless presentation and conferencing. We’re thinking out of the box, exploring any solution that connects people and technology in the best possible way."
Stijn Henderickx, EVP Meeting Experience
02 large video walls Reliance NOC 019 TRUEPIX CONTROL ROOM

Large Video Walls

Large Video Walls offers a package of solutions to help control room operators view better, share faster, and resolve quicker – and make well-informed decisions: video walls, video wall controllers, control room software, and a full suite of support services. Software takes an ever increasing role in the offering.

"The positive feedback on Barco CRTL testifies to our dedication and confirms that we’re on the right path. We’re ready to explore many more opportunities to improve operator workflows."
Tom Sys, EVP Large Video Walls

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