Go for sustainable impact

Barco has been and remains a sustainability frontrunner in the tech industry. When first deciding how to execute our strategy, we chose to operate with respect for the planet, our people, and the local communities. Year after year, that commitment has become more deeply embedded in our corporate DNA.

To retain our leadership position, we keep

  • refining and strengthening our sustainability governance and organization;
  • reinforcing our sustainability strategy;
  • improving the sustainability performance of our operations and our products.


Overall, we score 3 out of 4 in the field of ‘Go for Sustainable Impact’. Barco is well-positioned among the top-performing companies in its industry in the field of sustainability. This is consistently recognized by external rating agencies. In 2023, we kept strengthening our governance and organization and reinforcing our sustainability strategy. Improving our sustainability performance remains an ongoing commitment in everything we do at Barco.

Strengthen governance and organization

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  • Strong ESG governance, under the leadership of CEO An Steegen as chair of the executive sustainability steerco, with workstream leads for all highly material topics

Reinforce our sustainability strategy

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  • ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation is one of the first carbon-neutral wireless conferencing solutions on the market
  • Barco’s wind turbine project gets permit, in last straight line for realization (pend- ing on further appeal)
  • Further electrification of the company car fleet (+50% of fleet) and doubling the number of charging points at HQ (206)
  • Continued shift from air to sea transport (47% of the total transported distance)

Improve our sustainability performance in the fields of planet, people and communities

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  • Important progress against our main sustainability targets in 2023:
    • Greenhouse Gas emissions from own operations at -54% versus 2015
    • 65% of total revenues and 90% of new product introductions are ecolabeled