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Innovation & technology

Barco is a true technology company, with market-leading capabilities in the field of image processing. While we initially focused on projection, we have broadened our scope and expertise over the years, to offer groundbreaking solutions based on four key technology domains.

We are now strengthening and sharpening our innovation efforts, with more focus on breakthrough, disruptive solutions that deliver truly bright outcomes for our customers, while helping us retain a sustainable pole position in our markets.

Innovation is all about sifting through ideas, finding the gold nuggets and turning them into executive effectiveness – quickly. The biggest enemy of innovation is slowness. If you don’t deliver quickly after ideation, you’re losing your momentum.
Gerwin Damberg

Our innovation approach

Successful innovation creates both value for the customer and true business value. To ensure that our ideas are tightly connected to our strategy and can be turned into both revenue growth potential and brighter outcomes for our customers, we are increasingly adopting a more disciplined approach to innovation.

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Accelerating our start-up-like innovation approach

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Technology domains

In 2019, Barco reorganized its technology map. Four key domains now form the foundation for Barco’s innovation for impact in the future.

TEC display technology

Advanced display & projection

The display and projection technology that lies at the heart of Barco’s visualization solutions include optics, electronics and signal processing, manufacturing and calibration techniques related to projection systems and direct view display technologies, including LCD and LED. This advanced technology powers a wide range of advanced display solutions for use in demanding markets – from cinema projectors and high-resolution medical displays to video walls for large screen visualization.

TEC imaging processing

Image processing & insights

Professional visualization requires both classical image processing algorithms and data-driven approaches. Barco’s ‘image processing & insights’ technology domain covers image and video capture, enhancements, processing, understanding and rendering as well as techniques to enhance human-machine interaction. Increasingly important is the implementation of high-performance software solutions on modern hardware such as graphics processing units.

TEC data

Connectivity & data analytics

Technology that enables connectivity is at the core of Barco’s visualization solutions, as it allows the real-time monitoring of devices or the local or remote streaming of audio and video data. The connectivity platforms that power Barco solutions are always highly optimized for the professional application at hand, whether that is live entertainment, diagnosis or surgery in healthcare settings or sharing content in the workplace. On top of enabling connectivity, Barco increasingly helps customers understand the data transmitted, thus providing trustworthy, actionable insights and boosting productivity, collaboration and engagement.

TEC optics

Computational optics

Computational optical technology exploits the properties of light to enable visual experiences that cannot be delivered using traditional optical systems alone. This technology opens the door to a spectrum of new solutions with functionalities or value that cannot be delivered by other visualization or imaging techniques. Examples include Demetra, Barco’s multispectral skin imaging platform and the high dynamic range (HDR) light-steering technology that uses real-time programmable lasers and lenses to shape light into high-contrast, high-brightness images on screen.