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Innovation has always been the lifeblood of Barco. Ever since our company was founded back in 1934, we have been pioneers. While displays and visualization hardware were our initial focus, we now innovate in the entire visual chain, from acquisition through to the display of images, adding all the capabilities that help bring the image to the screen.

"Doing disruptive things always involves having a leap of faith in key moments, that is the essence of true innovation."
Peru Dharani
Senior VP Research

Our innovation approach

Successful innovation creates both value for the customer and true business benefit. To ensure that our ideas are tightly connected to our strategy and purpose, and can be turned into revenue growth potential, we adopt a disciplined approach to innovation:

  • Balancing start-up dynamics with fast-fail principles
  • Focus on early customer involvement
  • Governance: disciplined management with dedicated budget
Peru guillaume

Watch the roundtable with Peru Dharani, our Senior VP Research, and Design and Innovation Engineer Guillaume Segaert

Watch the roundtable
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5 foundation pillars in our innovation roadmap

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The first step is understanding the world around you, both at your customers and beyond. At Barco, we continuously scan the horizon for changes in markets and technologies. These 5 technology themes inspire and impact our innovation roadmap.

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Designing technology to enable bright outcomes around the world.

Seeing beyond the image, Barco develops visualization and collaboration solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise, Healthcare, and Entertainment.

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