Barco. Visioneering a bright tomorrow.

Barco is a global company with headquarters in Kortrijk (Belgium). Our visualization and collaboration technology helps professionals accelerate innovation in the healthcare, enterprise and entertainment markets. We count over 3,300 visioneers, whose passion for technology is captured in over 500 unique patents. Our company is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

Our purpose: visioneering a bright tomorrow

At Barco, we believe truly great engineering starts with a clear vision. A vision of a better, smarter, healthier world.

With technology, we accelerate the brightest minds in entertainment, enterprises and healthcare to create a bright tomorrow.

To touch people’s hearts and minds. To work better together. To transform the quality of life.

Our organization

A focused organizational structure

Since 2022, Barco has had a focused organizational structure, with six global business units. Every business unit handles marketing and communications, sales, product management and R&D, while more general functions (services, sales support, operations, digitization, finance, HR, legal and Barco Labs) are managed on a global level. In 2023, we further finetuned the organizational structure, in line with this vision.

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“We kept simplifying our organization in 2023, consolidating even more functions in the business units to boost efficiency and accountability.”
Charles Beauduin
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02 Americas

Geographical footprint

Europe & Middle East

Barco has sites in nearly 30 countries and R&D and/or manufacturing facilities in 10 countries.

06 People of Barco

The people of Barco

Our people are the driving force to our success. A team of over 3,300 employees, located around the globe, all join forces to visioneer a bright tomorrow.

The people of Barco are guided by our leadership team. They steer our company forward, helping ensure that Baco thrives, while creating value for society at large.

Culrture and ethics Large

Culture & ethics

Every organization has a culture; implicit or explicit. It is its personality – a set of unwritten rules on how an organization behaves. And it reveals itself in many different forms. Barco’s corporate culture defines the cultural traits that we must embrace to continue leading in our dynamic markets.


Planet, people and communities

At Barco, we firmly believe that sustainable business is good business – and vice-versa. To that end, we are committed to taking ownership of a sustainable future. Sustainability has been a fundamental part of our strategy for several years now and we are constantly accelerating our efforts.

“The steps we’ve taken in recent years are a solid foundation. By continuing on this path, we aim to enhance our positive impact and deliver a really bright tomorrow for our ecosystem and the world at large.”
Dries Vanneste, Sustainability Manager