Value creation model

Barco’s ‘Visioneering a bright tomorrow’ purpose highlights our belief that truly great engineering starts with a clear vision – a vision of a better, smarter, healthier world.

In other words: at Barco, we are constantly thinking about how we can create long-term value for all our stakeholders in the short, medium and long term. Our value creation model visualizes our approach. It articulates the mission of our company and links it to our strategy and the markets we cover. The horizontal layers represent the six capitals in which we group the respective KPIs. *

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Entertainment: No Barco, no show

At Barco Entertainment we bring experiences to life. Because we believe in the power of images to amplify great ideas. For everyone and anywhere on this planet. This belief drives our passion every day to continuously design the highest performing, most innovative, most reliable immersive experience and cinema solutions. Enabling our partners and customers to create and deliver their visual miracles. To everyone. Everywhere. All the time.

Enterprise: engaging you to unleash the power of shared knowledge and emotions

Every Barco enterprise solution is designed to help people collaborate better by ensuring engaging experiences. From boardrooms and workplaces to control rooms: all our solutions help people unleash the power of shared knowledge – for brighter ideas and, ultimately, better results.

Ensuring better healthcare outcomes for more people

Barco connects healthcare professionals at almost every patient touchpoint. From the imaging room to radiology, during specialist consultations and in the surgical suite: our solutions and services help medical professionals enable better health outcomes and work more efficiently in an increasingly complex healthcare enterprise.

Visioneering a bright tomorrow

At Barco, we believe truly great engineering starts with a clear vision. A vision of a better, smarter, healthier world.

With technology, we accelerate the brightest minds in entertainment, enterprises and healthcare to create a bright tomorrow. To touch people’s hearts and minds. To work better together. To transform the quality of life.


At Barco, our strategy acts as a guiding light: it defines how we play to win in our markets. While the foundations of a corporate strategy should remain unaltered, the strategy itself needs to be dynamic and agile, particularly in today’s disruptive, volatile markets.

To accelerate progress towards our vision, we redefined our strategic levers in 2022. Our renewed strategy now comprises three levers: 'Capture profitable and efficient growth', 'Innovate for impact' and 'Go for sustainable impact'. These are the priorities we want to focus on to remain relevant and flourish in the short-, mid- and long-term.

  1. Capture profitable and efficient growth
  2. Innovate for impact
  3. Go for sustainable impact