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Visioneering a bright tomorrow

Barco’s ‘Visioneering a bright tomorrow’ purpose, sprouts from many in-depth discussions with our broad ecosystem. From employees, our management, and business partners right through to customers: we consulted them all, in efforts to shape our purpose, gauge what purpose best reflects Barco, and then finetune it.

There was wide consensus that ‘visioneering a bright tomorrow’ perfectly fits Barco’s mission and future. While we’ve always been innovators, the new, explicit visioneering purpose urges us to go even further in thinking out of the box – in the field of visualization technology, but equally in our processes, HR policies, and approach to topics like sustainability.

We talked to eight Barco visioneers about how we are all working towards that bright tomorrow.

"Visioneering – a fusion of 'vision' and 'engineering' – refers to our engineering roots and our expertise in visualization. But it also reflects how we innovate: always looking for the better way. 'A bright tomorrow', for its part, refers to the value we create for our markets, teams, and communities."
Eva Careel
Brand and content manager, Barco
01 future of visualisation

The future of visualization

Gesture-controlled interfaces, multi-touch screens, interactive digital signage, holographic displays, and even AI: is the future shown in sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Matrix really where visualization is headed? And what’s Barco’s role in that future? We asked Peru Dharani, our Senior VP Research, and Design and Innovation Engineer Guillaume Segaert.

02 a bright tomorrow

A bright tomorrow: sustainable visualization

From Europe to the US and China: countries worldwide are urging accelerated actions to cut CO2 emissions and drive sustainability. At Barco, we set ambitious targets, report openly about our sustainability results, and team up with our broader ecosystem to deliver impact. Sustainability manager Dries Vanneste, Jan Daem, Environmental Compliance officer, and Tom Bert, VP Product, Cinema, explain.

03 our visioneers

Our visioneers: building a culture of diversity and inclusion – step by step

Barco has a strong set of cultural values. But how do we ensure that they remain relevant and authentic? To leverage our strength as a global and diverse organization, we must continue building a culture of diversity and inclusivity. Alexis Capili, Global HR business partner, and Lien Meuleman, Global HR director talent, leadership and organizational development explain what that means.

04 digital transformation

How digital transformation leverages a bright tomorrow

Advanced digitization is the way to go for companies that want to keep up with rapidly changing markets and customer needs. At Barco, we kicked off our digital transformation a while ago. Are we at cruising speed yet? We asked Philippe Verlinde, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer, and Sales Processes and Tools Manager Annelies Traen.