Go for sustainable impact

Sustainable business is good business. Barco has been convinced of that for many years. When first deciding how to execute our strategy, we chose to operate with respect for the planet, our people and the local communities. Year after year, that commitment has become more deeply embedded in our corporate DNA. That’s why, ‘go for sustainable impact’ remains a key lever for our long-term success.

To remain the sustainability frontrunner, we’ve been in our sector for years, we keep

  • refining and strengthening our sustainability governance and organization

  • reinforcing our sustainability strategy

  • improving the sustainability performance of our operations and our products


Overall, we score between 2 and 3 out of 4 in the field of ‘Go for sustainable impact’. In 2022, we kept strengthening our governance and organization, and reinforcing our sustainability strategy. Improving our sustainability performance in all fields – planet, people and communities – remains an ongoing commitment in everything we do at Barco.

Strengthen governance and organization

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  • Strong ESG governance in place, under the leadership of CEO An Steegen as chair of the executive sustainability steerco, and workstream leads for every highly material topic

  • Bottom-up operator engagement strengthened with iGemba program taking further momentum in Kortrijk, Suzhou and Noida plants

  • Raising continuous internal and external awareness and communication about sustainability, e.g. in our Bright Insights magazine

Reinforce our sustainability strategy

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  • Next milestone reached in Barco’s wind turbine project, with the environmental permit granted (pending on further appeal)

  • Further electrification of the company car fleet: 100+ charging stations installed at HQ

  • Diversity & inclusion launched as a dedicated global workstream, with senior sponsorship and dedicated ambassador group

Improve our sustainability performance in the fields of planet, people and communities

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  • On track with our main planet sustainability goals for 2022:
    • Greenhouse Gas emissions from own operations at -51% versus 2015

    • 50% of revenues from products with ECO label

  • Broadening limited assurance audit to include ECO labelled products and emissions of own products; first time taxonomy-aligned reporting with 27.0% aligned revenues
  • Acknowledgements for increased transparency and improved performance:
    • Barco recognized by The Financial Times and Statista as one of Europe’s climate leaders, companies that contributed the most to the prevention of global warming

    • ESG ratings: consistently scoring in top-20% among Electronics Industry sector peers with a score upgrade to AA for MSCI in 2022 (see external evaluations)

    • ISO 45001 Health and Safety certification for sites in Beijing: Tai Yang Gong and Chang Ping